Equity and Environmental Impact

Equity:  During the testing of our products and updating of our recipes, we want to have as diverse a group of people and feedback as possible because everyone’s opinion is important and should be considered equally during the process to ensure equity within our business. Simple Grounds will also be creating a video tutorial of making our product which will be shared on our website and social media accounts so that viewers could try to do it at home if they were willing to.

Environment: Each week, we will receive one day's worth of coffee grounds (20 pounds) from Peet's Coffee in Northgate, which will prevent grounds from decomposing in landfills each week. It is our objective to prevent 961 pounds of carbon dioxide from entering the atmosphere in one year alone. By implementing a refill feature into our business, we’ll be able to reduce the amount of less-sustainable ingredients of our products such as by using mason jars.